Norwood Crossing Reshaping Aging

Board of Directors

We are fortunate in having a distinguished group of individuals who are committed to ensuring the strength and stability of our not-for-profit organization for current and future generations of older adults. These volunteer board members are dedicated to the mission of our organization and we are grateful for their time, talent and generous support

Norwood Crossing Board of Directors

    Richard Berthold

Vice Chairperson:
    George Silca

    Michele Calbi

    Dirk Danker, Ingrid Forsberg, Susan Kroll, Ronald V. Norene,
    Arthur R. Peterson, M.D., Michael Schaik, Suzanne Venema

    Michael D. Toohey

NLS VP of Operations:
    Silvia Morici

Legal Counsel:
    Maureen A. McGuire

Sponsored by: Norwood Life Society

    Scott Severson

Vice Chairman:
    Kim J. Kidd

    Allison Getz

Board Members:
    Rich Berthold
    Michele Calbi
    Dirk Danker
    Ingrid Forsberg
    Howard Hamilton
    Linda Horwitz
    Al Iverson
    Rebecca Ann Lind
    Maureen McGuire
    W. Kurt Meier
    Arthur R. Peterson, M.D.
    Martha L. Peterson
    Betty Portenlanger
    Michael Schaik
    George Silca
    David Stachowiak

    Michael D. Toohey

Legal Counsel:
    Maureen A. McGuire---Anderson, Rasor and Partners LLP

Timely Talk: Hearing Loss Assistance
Wednesday, June 19th @ 2pm

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